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April is DMV Donate Life California Month

Over 21,000 people in California are on the national organ transplant list. About 17 people each day die while waiting for a donor organ. The good news is that nationwide 33,000 lives were saved due to the generosity of those who have pledged to donate an organ or tissue.


George Weiss:  I’ve been on the registered organ donor list for many years having signed up when renewing my drivers’ license. Please do the same. It’s cost’s nothing and can save and extend someone’s life. Be part of what is a something so special its hard to fully appreciate. You can also sign up here:


Arbor Day / Village Laguna 50th Anniversary Tree Giveaway at Bluebird Park, 1-3 Saturday May 16th

Please bring a picnic lunch and celebrate Village Laguna’s 50th Birthday. The Garden Band will be performing, and trees will be available for adoption. This venerable organization has been at the forefront of saving our open space from development and is devoted to keeping Laguna a beautiful place to live.

George Weiss: Having over 10 fruit trees and two other large trees on my property you can certify me as a tree lover. Trees provide us the oxygen we breath and homes and food for birds and other native small animals. They decorate our environment and provide shade. The list goes on. Please email Ann Christoph about this event. 

Bigger fines for Littering and Alcoholic Beverages in Public Spaces. Approved 5-0


Fine for each of the above will go up from $30.00 to $100.00 for the first offense, $200.00 for the second offense and $500.00 for the 3rd offense within a 12-month period.

George Weiss: Police Chief Robert Thompson’s intent was to increase the fines for both of the above to discourage littering and drinking in public. When I asked the Chief if the homeless were the main violators of these prohibitions, he said no. I assume it’s our day visitors but will find out and report back on this.


LL Audit Committee Review of 2018-19

The Citizen’s Audit Review and Measure LL Oversight Committee delivered a 39-pager report that made four recommendations that were reviewed and accepted with minor modifications.


George Weiss: The good news is that the Audit uncovered minor issues, and these will be addressed by the City’s Finance Department. To improve efficiency and lower clerical errors the Finance Department will be implementing a new ERP software system this year.


Rivian Theater Closes Escrow on the Theater

Rivian is now the owner of the Laguna Beach South-Coast Twin Theater and is working overtime on executing the necessary renovations. The anticipated completion is end of 2021. Let’s hope we can celebrate the re-opening in late 2021 or early 2022. I’ll keep everyone posted. You can also follow Rivian’s progress on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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